music supervisor's playhouse

Series of conceptual rhythmic underscore pices. Modern pulsetic tension, suspense. Subtle burn, patient arc. (8 short pieces )

15 pieces representing a diverse selection of pieces from different 2016 underscore series'

Currently showcasing mini=albums of 'New School' conceptual Underscore pieces. Click on Albums to download.

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Atmospheric Motion. A 7 track series of contemporary underscore pieces

6 short contemporary quasi orchestral pieces dynamic in their marriage of boldness and subtlety 

8 minimalist textural pieces designed for emotional depth and tension more felt than heard

5 emotive underscore pieces featuring contemporary re-inventions of the Acoustic Guitar.

7 subtle yet powerful progressive underscore pieces

14 short atmospheric pieces showcasing modern minimalist textures

10 Engaging Contemporary Percussion Pieces

7 short heart beat inspired underscore pieces

Self Explanatory

8 rhythmic conceptual pieces featuring bass guitar experiments