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Jamie Ruben is a Toronto based Composer, guitarist and music producer specializing in Composing for Film and Television.


Jamie’s production style involves a marriage between Live, Analog and Digital worlds. Jamie plays and records his own electric, acoustic, classical and homemade guitars as well as bass and kalimbas. Live instruments are used both conventionally and as an ingredient in audio experimentations.

Jamie moved into creating music for film/TV in 2014. Since then, he has created music for Vice On HBO and Showtime, Entertainment One, Bell Media as well as having scored several Canadian feature films and short films, and worked writing music on five docu series.


Jamie has also had the privilege working in a Music Editor role assisting renowned Composer Jonathan Goldsmith on films such as Sharkwater Extinction, Dreamland and the TV shows Pure, Between and Porter (releasing in 2022). 


Despite Jamie's musical drive as a composer occasionally blurring the line between focus and obsession, he understands and appreciates the need to approach film composition selflessly. He Embraces the challenge of maintaining a core aim towards creating pieces that will support and enhance a story, while giving them as much musical energy as they require and not a decibel more. Jamie augments his creative musical passion with professionalism and diligence towards his clients’ goals and vision.

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