Just Mammals 

The Scoring Duo of Bret Higgins and Jamie Ruben

Described by someone (us) as one of the most exciting new musical endeavors of 2021 (for us), Bret Higgins of Great Lake Swimmers fame and composer Jamie Ruben of Borderline Anonymity (the thing, not a band) have teamed up to create progressive, film inspired adventures of sound. 


Having occasionally worked together for the past decade, Jamie and Bret began the collaboration that would become ‘Just Mammals’ while co-scoring two short films in 2020. They immediately felt they were onto something new and truly skolactine. Okay, skolactine isn’t a word, but we are music makers not music describers and the vibe we are going for here doesn’t fit traditional bio-boasting adjectives. We don’t promise to sound "good to your ears", but we promise adventure, drama and obfusluating confluxuance.

One min Reel of Just Mammals Scoring duo work