Cold Theme 2021 - Jamie Ruben
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Rock Open 2021 - Jamie Ruben
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Electric Pulse Orchestra - Jamie Ruben
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Contemporary Music Medley - Jamie Ruben
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Jan 2021:  Just wrapped up the theme music for a Project Bakeover, a new reality show by Entertainment One
August 2019: Just finished the music for a very artful ad campaign for Canada Goose.  Look forward to posting the Ad as soon as it is released.
March 2019: Just booked a License for my piece 'But The Surroundings are Gorgeous' on a really interesting Vice x Amazon Prime Branded Content piece. To Check it out go to Videos.
January 2019: Just signed on to do the musical score for a terrific Dramatic Short called 'Love Sarah' check out Love Sarah on IMDB for details
August 2018: 'Random Acts of Flyness', I was pleased to get a chance to help out with two small custom music pieces on this cutting edge new HBO Show. My tracks aired on episodes 2 and 6.
Mar 2021: Starting work on a film score for "Outsider" a feature doc by Qais Pasha
Feb 2021: 27 new track licenses sold for music of mine to be appearing on VICE On Showtime and VICE TV's 'The Source'.
September 2020: Co-scoring two short films with Bret Higgins (Plan Z and Compliant). 
Feb 2019: New Songs producing a couple of songs for Tanya Lee's multimedia project (sponsored by Ontario Arts Council) 
March 2017: booked to write a theme and a few tracks for a new documentary show called ' Hours to Kill' about investigators tracing the final hours of a murder victim's life searching for clue
Music and Video Highlights from recent work